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Using Your Head

One of the biggest issues in Golf is when to think and when to stop thinking!

Try drawing an imaginary line 4 to 5 steps behind the ball while facing your target, make all your decisions behind the line. Club,Target, Shot, got it? Now commit to your decisions once you start your routine for set up thought is not required this all physical, your posture dictates your balance, your balance give you comfort and confidence, Now Swing its not mental, the swing is a purely physical event! if your thinking your not swinging to your target .

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Fear of Flight

Fear of Flight

Why is it that when we take a practice swing everything flows, great posture, great balance, great finish.  Surprise no  ball in the way!  When our brains are active and confused the tension in our bodies increases and our hands and body tighten up at impact, so every effort to control the ball becomes frustrating and non productive.   Fear of Flight is what happens during this process and our lack of attention to our intention which is to SWING the club not hit the ball. The best players in the world will tell you that the ball gets  in the way of a good swing, fear is founded in lack of preparation before you swing. First change the way you focus,stay behind the ball until you have COMMITTED to the club and target, then take dead aim (no fear) find your posture an d balance, exhale and swing . Watch what can happen dont look for the ball, see the ball , going to your intended target and enjoy the process.      

We all work very hard on the physcial parts of our swing but the hardest part is to educate and train our minds to stay focused on the now not the future (what happens after we swing). Fear of flight is a control mechanism not a golfer swinging  the club and watching the ball fly through the air toward your target.  




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Embracing Pressure

Embracing Pressure

Riley J. Darveaux, M.A.

We often think of the word pressure in a negative sense. When a game winning field goal was missed wide right, the kicker was “feeling the pressure”. Perhaps “collapsing under pressure” was what happened to the #1 seeded team that found itself on a premature bus ride home after losing in the first round. Such statements have taught us that pressure is a force that brings us down, changing who we are, and making it hard to succeed in “pressure packed” situations. The purpose of this article is to view pressure in a different light in order to see such situations as opportunities for success.

Ultimately, mental pressure can be defined as our psychological reaction to stress. When we are faced with stressful situations, we feel pressured to succeed and meet expectations set by both ourselves, and others. So, in order to embrace pressure, we must first explore and understand stress.

Stress comes in two forms: distress and eustress. Distress is usually what we think of when we hear the word stress. It is the negative stress that we feel when we cannot meet the demands that have been placed on us, and the perceived outcome is negative. On the other hand, eustress is healthy and gives one a feeling of fulfillment, hope, or excitement (ex. stress felt prior to going on a first date).

Both types of stress have a similar effect on the body. Without getting too “medical”, let’s just say that the body starts to sweat, muscles become tense, breathing is constricted, thoughts start to race, and heart rate increases. From a physiological sense, they are the same.

So, my question to athletes struggling with pressure is…”What type of stress are you feeling in those pressure packed situations?” Often times, they come to the realization that they are experiencing eustress (good stress), but misinterpreting it as distress (bad stress). Therefore, rather than using the eustress as a tool to embrace the situation, it is transformed into something negative that inevitably causes discomfort and fear, making it harder for the athlete to relax and perform the task at hand.

I once met a young man playing competitive golf who absolutely loved “feeling the pressure”. There was something about the sweaty palms, butterflies, racing heart, and unknowns that put him in a competitive mindset. He felt as though competition was an opportunity to prove that all of his hard work had a purpose. He truly believed that in order to play at his highest level, he had to feel the pressure. Clearly, he used eustress to his advantage. He took something that is often times seen as debilitating for athletes and used it as a way to enhance his performance.

So, the next time you find yourself in a pressure-filled situation, think about what is really happening. Could the stress that you are feeling be positive? Can it be used to your advantage? This time, embrace the pressure, knowing that what you are feeling is an opportunity to succeed.



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Balance is Power

Finding and keeping your balance during your golf swing is the most important are to focus on for power.

Your power comes from your legs with good posture

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Sternum not hands

Just for a change of pace try using your sternum to start your swing not your hands and arms. This is a smaller move but bigger golf swing and you will keep your posture and balance {face forward and turn and shake hands with a person to your right }

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Wrist cock verses wrist hinge

Wrist cock is found by extending your left arm forward hand infront of you thumb pointing to the sky. Curl your fingers to the heel of your thumb thats wrist cock. move your thumb back and forth thats wrist hinge

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Nick Says

If you want to improve your grip , buy a yardstick!

Turn it on its side and find the the middle fingers on each hand ,wrap gently ,Placeing your left thumb in the lifeline of your right hand.  If your a lefty switch it up. Hands equal club face! 

If hands equal club face at impact where should your hands be at impact?

When in the address position your clubface should be at 6:00 o’clock , at Impact your clubface should return to 6:00 o’clock