How We Do It

Our goal is to have each student  understand that changing your golf swing requires a three pronged approach:  the swing, mental, and phsyical.

The Swing

Nick, our teaching professional, teaches the mechanics of the five basic positions of the golf swing.  The positions are address, take away, backswing, setting the club, and finish.  Nick uses video and his forty years of experience in the industry to analyze the swing. Once the five positions are learned, it is possible to swing without thinking!

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The mental goal is for a player to learn, understand, and mentally accept a physical change in their swing.  In order to accomplish this,we determine the specific learning style of the player.  This learning style can be visual, tactical, or verbal.  Our mental conditioning coach aides in this process.Once the learning style is known great things can and will happen!


The two physical keys to a consistent golf swing are balance and posture.  Nick and Dr. Anthony analyze the swing to ensure proper balance posture, and swing motion to create the best swing for a student’s physical capability.  With a well-balanced start and finish, not much can go wrong with the swing!